Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top NITs for MCA

Usually, during the counseling procedures most of the students give preference to NITs in order their seniors told or someone who don't even know the location of that InstituteVery few do actual research about the institute before taking admission.

Note : I had given MCA entrances last year and got ranks in few of them. But due to some reasons I was not able to join in for MCA. Maybe my experience and search on this topic could help students this year to select the best NIT

No. 1 : NIT Trichy
On the top of the list is NIT Trichy. Located in Tamil Nadu.
Website : National Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu

+ Points :
  • Nice campus.
  • Too good infrastructure.
  • Research oriented study.
  • Highly qualified faculty.
  • Strong interaction between students sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Rated top Educational institute in India several times by various organizations both at UG and PG level.
  • Placements are good with highest pay package of Rs. 43 lakh per annum.

Some things to look for :
  • Fifty percent reservation for T.N. students. Students with as low as 1008 rank with state quota getting into it. Being in the far south, and majority of students from native state outsiders may find it difficult to adjust in the beginning.

Last year stats (2007) :
In All India General Quota Last seat was filled at Rank 62.
Total seats 60 with 22 open for ALL INDIA level.

Links :
Placements (all)
Campus and Other Pics


No. 2 : NIT Surathkal
Lush green campus, beautiful city Mangalore. Located in karnataka. Also the organizing NIT for NIMCET 2008.
Website : National Institute of Technology, Karnataka

+ Points :
  • Beautiful Campus.
  • All seats open, students come from all parts of the country in equal proportion.
  • High placement record with average pay package of 5.2 lakhs.
  • Project based curriculum.
  • Has its own beach.
  • Well established infrastructure.
  • Near Mangalore city.
Some things to look for :
  • No minus points for this NIT only factor is distance from Delhi and food. (does'nt means that food is not good)

Last year stats (2007) :
In All India General Quota Last seat was filled at Rank 167
Total seats 60 with 45 open for ALL INDIA level.

Links :
Placements (Not much detail given on site)
Pics of Campus NITK


No. 3 : NIT Warangal
Placed second by most of students, but not according to my review. Located in Andhra Pradesh. Organized NIMCET 2007.
Website : National Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh

+ Points :
  • Well established infrastructure (better than any other NIT).
  • Lush green Campus.
  • Food served in mess is comparatively better with even North Indian food.
  • Near to IT City, Sikandarabad (Hyderabad).
  • Good MNCs visiting campus.
Some things to look for :
  • Same as NIT Trichy. State quota of 50%.
  • Placements below average placements of Surathkal.

Last year stats (2007) :
In All India General Quota Last seat was filled at Rank 108. However a wait-listed cadidate at rank 397 also got a seat here.
Total seats 60 with 23 for ALL INDIA level.
Rank 1 Last year opted for this NIT(Warangal).

Links :
Placements (Complete Detail given)
Pics of Campus and Students NITW


No. 4 : NIT Calicut
One of the best placement record (in terms of company visiting). Locatted in Kerala.
Website : National Institute of Technology, Kerala

+ Points :
  • Top recruiters visiting the campus including Google, McAfee, Microsoft, Yahoo etc. some of the exclusively for MCA and Post-Graduate students.
  • Pay package may vary from 6-14 lakhs.
  • Class size small (30 for MCA) with no state quota. Of course, better opportunities.
  • Curriculum is one of the best. Even recognized by recruiters visiting the campus.
  • Student interaction through various clubs.
  • Fee is lowest.
Some things to look for :
  • Language Problem.
  • Food issues.
Last year stats (2007) :
In All India General Quota Last seat was filled at Rank 247
Total seats 30 with 23 for ALL INDIA level.

Links :
Placements (Main Site)
Video on Youtube



No. 5 : MANIT Bhopal
Beautiful city. Location of MANIT is Madhya Pradesh.
Website : National Institute of Technology, Madhya Pradesh

+ Points :
  • Main plus point is the location of NIT i.e. in Bhopal. One of the most beautiful city in India. Considered as city of Lakes.
  • Campus with good infrastructure (not as above 4) covering an area of 650 acres.
  • 93% of students placed. 100% of eligible (without any re-appear) in MCA.
  • Seperate department exclusively for MCA.
  • Average salary is 3.4 lakhs per annum.
  • Highly recommended for girls (after Surathkal).
  • No state quota.
Some things to look for :
  • There was some issue about some faculty members at MANIT. But i confirmed it from my friend it was all about Architecture Department.
Last year stats (2007) :
No Idea.
Total seats 60 with 45 for ALL INDIA level.

Links :
Placements (Complete Information)
NIT Bhopal Pics
Bhopal City Pics



No. 6 : MNNIT Allahbad
Considered as one of the best institute in Undergraduates courses but it lags behind as far as MCA is concerned. Located in Uttar Pradesh (U.P)
Website : National Institute of Technology, Uttar Pradesh

+ Points :
  • Best compared with the remaining 3 NITs (jamshedpur, raipur, kurukshetra).
  • 89% Placement record for MCA.
  • Average pay scale is 3.10 Lakhs annualy.
  • Faculty is Highly Qualified.
  • Hostels connected with Internet.
  • No state quota (Lifted from year 2008).
Some things to look for :
  • Not recommended for girls.
  • Companies do visit, but not any big names in the list.
  • Food in mess not good as told by students there.
  • Students don't interact much in terms of Knowledge sharing.

Last year stats (2007) :

In All India General Quota Last seat was filled at Rank 227 (U.P. Quota was there last year).
Total seats 60 with 45 for ALL INDIA level.

Links :
Placements (Main Site)



Remaining things you should look out for yourself.
Do check this site NITConnect.

If you have any question in mind, then feel free by leaving a comment or contacting through mail or orkut. Link in sidebar.



mukul said...

GREAT post i must say!

Can you also tell your blog readers how to go about preparing for these entrances...


The Chhamanator said...

Firstly, let me congratulate you in your effort to present an unofficial guide on the different NITs offering MCA courses. I hope it will be of use for many students hoping to join the NITs.
However, I believe some of your points are baseless and not exactly true.
I am currently doing my MCA from MNNIT, Allahabad. But please don't think that this will influence my opinion in any way. You can visit my blog at to read what i feel about MNNIT.
All these being said, I don't know how you can place MNNIT below Calicut and specially Bhopal. I am lucky enough to be able to choose any of the colleges offering MCA according to my rank in NIMCET, even Trichy or Warangal. But due to some unforseen circumstances, I have to choose MNNIT. And I chose it before Surathkal, Bhopal and Calicut because I know the college is better than these other NITs.
I'm wondering why you said MNNIT is not safe for girls. Please elaborate so that I can tell you how safe it is for both male and female students. If you want to know the truth about MNNIT, I'm always here to help you out.

shweta said...

hey y u hv nt said anythng bout nit kurukshetra

srinu said...

first of all.iwish to congratulations for provoiding much information about 6 nits .and i ask why you do not introduce the remaining nits like durgapur and jamshedpur it is better to introduce these to also.
any how very very thanks for your information

theROCK said...

Hey Minakshi
Good work.. thiis will surely help no of aspirants going for MCA..
My bad luck during my time i didnt have this blog :)

lavanya.. said...

hey ...good work Meenakshi !!...seems like u researched a lot....Can u plz guide me on how to prepare for MCA...wich books to follow? wud b really helpful....

ruchi said...

thanks meenakshi!
u hav really done a great job...
info u provided will certainly help students while selecting nits...
i request u to post sm info about best mca colleges other than nits...
plz guide me how to prepare for nit entranc exam...

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for this great information....

i think Calicut is the place where i wanna be!!!

So can u plz guide me how to be a part of that institute!!!

Anonymous said...

@commeant for mnnit regarding placements by meenakshi

as u say there are no good companies that you can name which comes down for placements...

i can help you for that.below is the link where you will find d list of companies coming down for placemenst in mnnit and i guess its more and better than the rest NIT'S and its for MCA also.

so plz do have information before commenting....

Anonymous said...

NIT calicut is better than other colleges. Better infrastructure and faculty.

Anonymous said...

hi meenakshi,i hav got 2025 rank in nit's 2009 mca u think i can get adm. in any 1 of them?

njoy said...

dis is me wid rank 2025 in 2009 nit's u think i can get ad. in any of nit,s
if so-which 1

saurabh said...

hello mam, i got 241 rank in NIMCET 09. which NIT i can get..

rohitgupta14 said...

The photograph in front of MNNIT is not of MNNIT..

The Fox said...

MNNIT ranked at 6!!! I mean are you sure about your source of information. I know these things are pretty subjective and all..but most ppl would agree that it's in top 3-4.

Anonymous said...

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amulya said...

i think you have made the list of top nit for mca without any knowledge and interest. MNNIT Allahabad was the first institute in INDIA to start the study of computer science. this institute was the first to make the counselling of NIMCET online. this institute has set many milestones in the field of computer science . this institute is among top 5 in all over the india in the study of MCA. i think you have zero knowledge in the ranking of institute .MNNIT can not be below 2nd rank
computer science department of MNNIT is much above than that at IT BHU, IIT roorkee,iit GUWAHATI,IIT Chennai.

you should shame on yourself.

Term Papers said...

I have been visiting various blogs for my term papers writing research. I have found your blog to be quite useful. Keep updating your blog with valuable information... Regards

Anonymous said...

Hey!! I have scored 490 rank this time nimcet.
I am from delhi.
can u suggest me where are my chances???

yukti said...

hey i hv got 228 rank in nimcet 2010...... wht do u thnk whch nit i would get???????

yukti said...

hey i hv got 228 rank in nimcet 2010...... wht do u thnk whch nit i would get???????

Nishant said...

I've scored, 221 rank All India, which NIT I must go for..! Or Can I get NIT, Calicut or Allahabad or any NIT mentioned above..?

Nishant said...

I've scored, 221 (A.I.R) can I get admission into any of the NIT's mentioned above.?

somya said...

hey meenakshi....gud job done really helped me a lot...

Anonymous said...

yukti and nishant u cn get nit calicut for sure...but nit allahbd or nit surathkal is diffclt for u to get...anyways all the best nit calicut is also very good..

bhawana said...

i got 597 rank in nimcet 2010...which colg would i der any chances of getng admision in nit raipur..nd ya m also selected in wipro wase 2010..can u plz help wat should i go for..plz reply soon as ma counselling is on 19th june

mitaksh said...

awesum post.. thnx allot.. if u didnt opt for mca den wat did u do???

mitaksh said...

awesum post.. tnk u so much..
i wanted to ask which course did u opt for if not mca???

Anonymous said...


Rashi said...

hey i have got 273 in nimcet2011, do u have any idea which nit will i get and which is best amongst them?

Mitaksh gupta said...

@rashi you can get nit bhopal but if u get nit calicut it will be better...

Rashi said...


but m confused regardimg nit this time. they have asked us three preferences. shud i write
1.) allahabad
2.) calicut
3.) bhopal

as in the preferences?

Abhinav Dua said...

I don't agree with the facts posted for MNNIT ...
first the ranking should be above calicut and bhopal ...
just an exclusive department for MCA IN BHOPAL doesn't mean that it is better than MNNIT ...
nd i hav a question Why it is not recommended for girls ??? who told u that ???
In terms of knowledge sharing .... there are clubs for students like MNNIT COMPUTER CLUB , WEB DEVELOPMENT club..etc.

and even seniors are so helpful that they take classes of weak students on saturdays and sundays.
-> You get full tym high speed FREE INTERNET in rooms and as all the rooms are connected using LAN ... u can share almost any data using DC++.
now if we come to placements ... placements are pretty good .
this year AVERAGE PAY PACKAGE WAS 5 LACS and placements are 100%.

Abhinav Dua said...

Anybody having any kind of confusion can ask here ......

Abhinav Dua said...

@rashi .... with 273 u'll get NIT BHOPAL , u can get NIT CALICUT too ... depends on ur luck .... and for the preferences... ALLAHABAD, CALICUT , BHOPAL is the ryt choice ...

Rashi said...


i have a query regarding NIT bhoapl's hostel. i just heard there is just 1 hostel for girls inc fr btech, mba, mca etc. will there be any dificulty in getting hostel there?

Nishant said...

I'm MCA student of MANIT, Bhopal. I secured rank 221 (AIR) from general category. I selected NIT Bhopal, over NIT Calicut as I live in Delhi & Bhopal is much closer.. There is only 1 hostel for girls. But the hostel facility is much better. There are plenty of Boys hostel. Security wise also NIT, Bhopal is good & I liked it.. It was a good choice of mine

Mitaksh gupta said...

yes rashi dat will be the ryt choice.. but according to last year's trend it will be difficult to get calicut but keep ur fingers crossed.. :)

Rashi said...

thanks nishant
but i want to know is there any problem in getting hostel in there. as there is just 1 hostel for girls so lesser no. of room. i dont want to b a paying guest there i will join it only if it guratees to give me a hostel.
can u plz tell me whether they wud provide the hostel accomodation or not? whther i wud get the room there?
plz do reply..

Rashi said...


calicut is too far from delhi so may b i wont opt for it thats why i needed hostel information about nit bhopal.
well as in thanks fr ur help :)

Nishant said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nishant said...



KooL MuNdDa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abhinav Dua said...


sorry i don't have any idea of MANIT's girls hostel ... but generally NIT's take care that atleast girls get the hostels ..

Mitaksh gupta said...

@rashi okay..
i am in nit calicut hostel facility is there for girls but i have no idea of bhopal.. well okay then all d bst for counselling..

Rashi said...

i just wanted to know are they providing hostel faicilities easily or not.
thats it.

Rashi said...

mitaksh ,abhinav and nishant

BHUPENDRA..... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rani said...

NIMCET 2011 Rank:
General: 325
OBC: 78
Which NIT is best for me for MCA and I can get..
Please Help Me Soon...

Abhinav Dua said...

I dnt knw abt surathkal bt last year in NIT ALLAHABAD ... admissions for OBC category was closed at 113

munish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rashi said...


i have a query regarding upgradation.
if i try for the further upgradation after 1st counciling,
and in 2nd counciling i didn't happen to get the "higher preference college."
then is my 1st alotted seat in 1st counciling college will be reserved or not.

kindly help

rajshree said...

plz help
i have got 1449(AIR open) rank in nimcet 2011. so plz help me that will i b able to get into any nit?
what prefrence shud i lock for counceling so that i can get any one.

Abhinav Dua said...

with 1449 general rank , its quite difficult to get NIT but yaa keep trying for the vacant seats ..... coz last year KURUKSHETRA's vacant seats were filled wid 1700 as last rank...

rajshree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abhinav Dua said...

dear i suggest u to ask abt this from the councelling centre itself coz last year the councelling procedure was quite different from this year ......... so it will be quite difficult 4 me to tell u abt the upgradation procedure ....

Abhinav Dua said...


yaa it seems ok ......... rest z ur wish ...

rajshree said...

@abhinav m really thankful
acha 1 thing apart from nit
i hve been selected for vanasthali vidyapith(jaipur)..and dr r chances of geting galgotia(grter noida) thru wich college shud i go for???

rajshree said...

thax abhinav

acha 1 thing apart from nit
i hve been selected for
vanasthali vidyapith(jaipur)..
and dr r chances of geting galgotia(grter noida) thru wich college shud i go for???
plx hlp smbody!!!

Rashi said...

thanks abhinav

shaina said...

hey..i got AIR 399 this year..I have been alloted NIT jamshedpur..can any1 suggest me if i shoud go there..I have an option of pune too..

Dpk said...

@Shaina, did you mean PU? If yes, you should not think twice. That is still one of the best choice for MCA!

shaina said...

nops..i meant pune..

Abhishek said...

i got 632 rank A.I.
which NIT u thnk i can get into... i hav already locked choices and NIT kurukshetra is my frst preference...

Ojesh said...

I wanted to know if thre is Hostel facility in Bhopal for MCA boys syudent?? also any one have idea abot the highest salry packages of last year??

shaina said...

Hey..plz suggest me is NIT jamshedpur better than colleges affiliated to pune university??

NavSha said...

With an AIR 1659 should I consider going for vacant seats allotment to be conducted at NIT,Bhopal on 4th July? VIT(arguably better than the non-top NITs) is the only option left with me and I have already received the provisional admission letter from it.

KooL MuNdDa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abhinav Dua said...

vanasthali vidyapeeth(jaipur) is surely gud w.r.t. studies but i hv no idea of placements there .... and its not easy to compare institutes unless we knw the placement records ... nd generally colleges do not disclose the average packages their students obtain

Abhinav Dua said...

It depends that which college u get in pune .... b.t.w. there z a notice in NIT JAMSHEDPUR website that this year HOSTEL accommodation will not be provided to MCA students.So think twice before gng there....

Abhinav Dua said...

if we go with the last yr. seat allotment then u'll get NIT RAIPUR otherwise u still hv option for the vacant seats ...

Abhinav Dua said...

with 1659 rank u cn opt for the vacant seat allotment .... coz last yr NIT KURUKSHETRA's last seat was filled at 1750 rank ( not sure abt the xact rank but was in 1700's range). Now there can be 2 choices -
1.u'll get NIT
2.u'll not get NIT
nw if u don't get NIT then no option will be left only VIT
BUT if u get any NIT , then u hv to decide where u have to go.
it'll be ur decision that whether u want to stay near ur home or not ... and many other things u hv to consider before taking admission .... so think wisely !!!

shaina said...

@Abhinav Dua yup..i know they r not providing hostel this year..thats y m confused..
Do you have any idea about Sinhgad institute of management in pune?Is it good?

Abhinav Dua said...

NO, sorry i hv no idea abt this institue .....

Abhishek said...

been alloted NIT raipur in thrd round... should i go for it or wait IP counseling... got 478 rank in IP... reply ASAP

shaina said...

@Abhishek Dua
Anywaz,Thank u fr d help :)

Abhinav Dua said...

accd. to me ... u should go for IP bcoz wtever i have heard about MCA in NIT raipur is not good..... with 478 u'll get a decent college and if we look by the placements view then too there were only 12 students placed in last session ... its just an advice ... rest z ur decision ... but ya keep in mind that atleast NIT raipur is giving placements .... some of the colleges in IP are not even able to give placements ... so all the best ...

Swati said...

I got 815(AIR). So plz tell me that can i get allahabad or bhopal or raipur. Rply me soon.

sonam said...

hey.....plz tel me wats d ranking for mca colleges overall...nt only nit's......including iit, wid du in d list as wel....asap......
@sonamdhawan3107@gmail.comes overall...nt only nit's......including iit, wid du in d list as wel....asap......

Anonymous said...

any one gave nimcet this year?? whats the expected cutoff?

hemant said...

Hey i have got Air 1244 can i get nit kurukshetra?? pls let me knw

hemant said...

AIR 1244 for general..can i get nit??

Anonymous said...

i hav got a 666 A.I rank in NIMCET 2012.....which NIT do i get with this rank??......Pls suggest ASAP...

Anonymous said...

i have secured AIR-257 in NIMCET-2012 . and i belong to OBC category. please tell me which clgs can i get in nimcet. my email id is plz answer soon

Anonymous said...


I am from chandigarh. I have AIR 301 in NIMCET 2012. Can you please urgently advice which nit shall i opt for? and what priority I should keep ? Please let me now ASAP. Thanks for your help

viju said...

i have got 695 rank in nimcet-2012
so which nit i should prefer for.......
please tel me i m getting vry confused in filling choices..

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Ashwani Pandey said...

nice blog!! really loved it.... i must say m also facing the same problem.
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Vivek said...

My rank is 214 (general). Shall I get MNNIT Allahabad in any round councelling. Please reply soon.

neo timber said...

preference for rank of 1968, OBC candidate

Rachana Sharma said...

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